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                                                 ANTHONY SOSKICH


                        GALLERY REPRESENTATION
                                                               Rivers End Gallery
                                                                  380 W. Main Street
                                                                     Waukesha, WI
                                                                    Joan Skimmons

J. Marc Graphics
                                                                    235 Broad Street
                                                               Lake Geneva, WI  53147

                                                                 Proud Fox Gallery

                                                                   213 W. State Street

                                                                    Geneva, IL  60134


                                                                    David Frydrychowicz

                                                                  Cornerstone Shoppe

                                                                        214 Broad Street

                                                                   Lake Geneva, WI  53147


                                                                           Karen Bennett

                                               Thank you for your interest!


Austrian born artist Anthony Soskich immigrated to the United States as a child.  His family’s migration ended in Chicago where he developed a life long love of the arts.  Anthony received his degree in Fine Arts and History at North Park College in Chicago.

In the past fifty years of artistic endeavor, Anthony developed a style that is representative of his passion and love of the arts.  Though his range of creativity is broad and vast in many mediums, he has always returned to his first and foremost love…plein air and studio painting with acrylics and oil colors.  Though starting with the vibrancy of acrylic expression in abstracts and the “Pop Art” culture of the 1960’s, to his current resurgence, which is the use of old world glazing with oils in the 1990’s.  This glazing method has allowed him to “capture the light”, to enhance and create a vibrancy that is represented in Anthony’s current body of work in the impressionism/realism style.

Anthony’s attempt to communicate and evoke emotions can be seen in each and every work of art.  As stated by the artist, “some wear their hearts out on their sleeves; I put my heart and mind out on the canvas for all to see.”  “Being an artist is an essential part of my life.”  “Painting is a very personal adventure and I feel pleased when others are moved and enjoy the experience.”  “This is how I grow and develop as an artist; this is how I gauge my success.”  Among his most satisfying of all achievements, are the weekly art classes he teaches.  This allows Anthony to give back to others by passing on his love and talent to bring out the creativity of his students young and old.

Anthony has never lost sight of his upbringing, his struggle as an immigrant from the old Lill Avenue neighborhood in Chicago to the now successful artistic career between his homes in Arlington Heights, IL and Williams Bay, WI.  When he is not painting, Anthony loves to surround himself with family and friends.  You can always see the welcome sign out at his little white cottage in Wisconsin.

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