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                                                 ANTHONY SOSKICH


                        GALLERY REPRESENTATION
                                                               Rivers End Gallery
                                                                  380 W. Main Street
                                                                     Waukesha, WI
                                                                    Joan Skimmons

J. Marc Graphics
                                                                    235 Broad Street
                                                               Lake Geneva, WI  53147

                                                                 Proud Fox Gallery

                                                                   213 W. State Street

                                                                    Geneva, IL  60134


                                                                    David Frydrychowicz

                                                                  Cornerstone Shoppe

                                                                        214 Broad Street

                                                                   Lake Geneva, WI  53147


                                                                           Karen Bennett

                                               Thank you for your interest!

                                                         Artist Statement

I like the challenge and creativity of the arts in general, particularly oil painting.  I find working with brushes and oil to be very allows me to stretch my imagination and reach for new methods.

After 40 years of painting, I have reached various plateaus not only in my creativity, but also in my technical ability.  This evolutionary process is when the creative artist in you meets the technician painter.  An artist's expression and creativity comes from the heart, and a painter's ability comes from practice and developing techniques.  When you reach this new level, your enthusiasm to the process is revitalized.  One thing is for certain, as in life, the development continues to grow.  Athletes say practice makes perfect.  The same applies to artists.  The more you paint the more comfortable and confident you become with your subject matter and the tools of the trade, but never to reach a final destination.

As an artist, you continue to find new ways and tools of applications and this process is never ending.  The final product is the frosting on the cake. The process to develop the painting is what makes it the driving force that is exciting to me.  My goal is not only to become an artist but also a painter.  The artist helps change the course of history, while the painter records it.



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